Using HTML in WordPress

Use this page to learn or review  basic HTML coding, which can be used to edit your WordPress portfolio.

How do I use HTML in my portfolio?

Your WordPress portfolio is made up of two components: HTML  and CSS. The content for the site is HTML. The design of the site, sometimes  called the skin, is CSS. This tutorial recommends using one of the existing  WordPress templates unless you have prior experience with CSS (see page 14 for more on templates).

WordPress has two editing modes: visual and HTML. The visual editor looks like the page when it is published, so you don’t need to know HTML to edit your site. You can just highlight content and edit it. The HTML editor is more robust and allows you to add additional code to enhance your WordPress site with customized features like tables.

 HINT: Switch to the HTML editor by clicking the HTML tab in the upper right hand corner of the Edit screen.  

HINT: You cannot add HTML code in the visual editor. If you enter code into the visual editor, it will appear as text and not be translated into code when the page is published.

You don’t have to know HTML to build a WordPress website, but it is helpful to have a basic understanding of HTML so you can enhance or personalize your portfolio. Knowing some HTML allows you to edit and update your portfolio faster and add more advanced features to make your portfolio stand out.

Commonly Used HTML Coding


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