Adding Plugins

The easiest and recommended method is to automatically install a Plugin through WordPress, but you can also manually upload a Plugin through WordPress.

To automatically install a WordPress Plugin, you’ll need to have the following FTP access information at hand:

  • Server Hostname for FTP access
  • FTP Username (not the same as your WordPress password)
  • FTP Password
  • Connection Type (FTP, FTPS (SSL)


1. Go to Plugins then Add New and search for the WordPress Plugin you wish to add once you’re FTP information is complete.

2. Click Details under the Plugin name. You can now view information about the Plugin, installation help, applicable WordPress versions, etc.

3. Click Install under the Plugin name.

4.  Enter the access information and proceed when WordPress prompts you. If the Plugin installs correctly, your screen will say the Plugin is installed and awaiting activation.

5.  Click Activate to go live with the Plugin.

Customizing your WordPress site using Plugins will help you create a portfolio that functions exactly the way you want it to and help you stand out among the thousands of other sites. Knowing how to find and install Plugins that will enhance and personalize your site allows you to control your brand and the information you publish on your site.

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