Uploading Content

You have chosen your theme and your artifacts. It is now time to begin uploading!


1.   Log into www.wordpress.comand click on My Blogs followed by Dashboard to get you into the Dashboard section of your site.

2.  Once in the Dashboard, click on Pages on the left side of the screen.

3.  Click on Writing.

4.  Click on Add an Image next to Upload/Insert. A new, smaller screen will appear and your dashboard will grey out. Once you upload files from your computer, they are saved to your gallery.

5.  Click Select Files to find the image you’re using on your computer. It’s a good idea to use the first page of your artifact as the image.  Make the first page of your artifact a pdf, and convert that into a jpg. Don’t worry about putting text in the “Alternate Text”, “Caption”, or “Description” fields.

HINT: It’s standard for on-line portfolios to have a small picture of each artifact, a description (also called a “tag”) somewhere close to the artifact, and a link to the full artifact (the picture could be a rollover link). In WordPress it’s a good idea to choose “Thumbnail” or “Medium” so that the picture is an appropriate size in relation to your description and link. 

6.   Click Insert into Post. You’ll see now that the image has inserted in the upper left corner of the post.

HINT: If you click “Save Changes” after you’ve uploaded your image, it will simply save it in your gallery rather than putting it in your page as a post.  

7.  Type the artifact’s description to the right of the post

8.  Repeat steps 4 – 7 to upload the entire pdf of your artifact. (WordPress inserts pdfs as links.)                             

9.   Click the link and the browser page will turn into a pdf of the whole artifact. To return to your site you have to click the back button on the browser. 

10.  Hit Enter a few times on your keyboard and repeat steps 4 – 7 to continue uploading your artifacts, their descriptions, and thumbnails. Repeat steps 1 –11 for each page within your site. Play around with layouts.

HINT: Playing with the layout of a page in WordPress is exactly the same as playing with the layout of a word document. Maneuver throughout each page as though you were doing so in Microsoft Word.


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