Uploading a Theme

Once you have chosen your theme, you can begin uploading it.


1. Log into WordPress.com. 

2. Click on My Blogs on the top left side of the page. Your portfolio will appear directly under the “My Blogs” tab. You will see the name and address of your blog under the tab along with links allowing for you to manage your portfolio, and your user name at the right top-hand side of the screen. 

3. Click on Dashboard. The dashboard is where you will manage your site.

4. Click Appearance link on the left side of the page or Select Your Theme on the right side of the page. The new page is the Manage Themes page where you can browse themes. 

5. Once you have decided which template to use, type “Quintus” in the search box and hit the Search button. Click on the link that appears once the search is complete. Your page will appear in that theme in a new window.

6. Click Activate Quintus at the top right side of this new window.

7. Go back to your dashboard and click on the Pages link on the left side of the page. This area of your dashboard is where you’ll set up pages where potential employers will navigate between to sample your work.

8. Click on Add New underneath Pages.

9. Type “Graphic Design” in the title field of the page and hit Publish. This page will now be dedicated to your artifacts you will use to showcase your graphic design work.

10.  Repeat steps 8 and 9 to add the pages “Writing”, “Internships”, “Resume”, and “Contact”. You now have the basic template for your portfolio using the “Quintus” theme. Go ahead and preview your portfolio by clicking on the name of your portfolio at the very upper left side of the page.

11.  If you want to change the order of your page listing in the navigation bar in your portfolio, go to Pages, scroll over any given page, and click Quick Edit . Once there, change the field titled “Order” to the number you’d like it to appear in the navigation bar. Notice that the change won’t be reflected within the “Pages” section of your dashboard. It will only appear when you preview your portfolio.

Take the time to experiment with different themes and settings. The theme will be the foundation for the appearance of your portfolio. If you decide to invest in a custom theme, you will be able to tweak it just how you want. However, with many free themes to choose from, you can use WordPress without breaking the bank.


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