Creating a WordPress Account

How do I create a WordPress account?

The first step to building your portfolio is to create a WordPress account. It is free and easy. Use the steps below to create your account– you will be done in 5 minutes!

Before you start, you should know that there are two different websites associated with WordPress:  (free blogging website) and (software that allows the user to have more freedom and control with their site. requires a third-party provider, which charges a monthly fee). Make sure you are using


1.  Go to and click the orange Get Started Here
button on the left side of the screen. 

2.  Choose a blog address. Your address will appear in the address bar of the search
engine. For your professional portfolio, it is best to create an address with your name. Play with variations using your name or initials to find an address that someone else has not already used. You may change the blog address at a later date.

Step 2 for creating an account.

HINT:  Make sure you say “No thanks, I’ll use the free address”  and that the blue drop-down menu is on “”

3. Choose a Username. You will be the only one who can see your username, so it
can be anything you’d like.

4.  Choose a password. Use the indicator bar directly above the Confirm
field to gauge the strength of your password. You run less of a risk of someone
hacking into your account if you create a strong password.

5. Fill in the email address field. This will be the email associated with your site.

6. Choose the language you’d like to use for your portfolio.

7.Click the orange Sign Up button.

8. Confirm your account.  Open the WordPress email in the email account you used to register. Click the link in that email and you will be taken to the dashboard section of your WordPress site. This dashboard section is where you will manage your portfolio.

9.  Choose your settings. Click the Settings link at the bottom left side of the screen  You may also access setting information from the Some Helpful Resources section of the dashboard. You can now create a tagline, upload a photo, place your logo, among other options. Use Your Profile to set up more of your personal information.

Step 9 for creating an account.

Step 9.2

You are now ready to design your portfolio! You have set up your account and modified your settings; it is time to review design principles before you start building your portfolio.


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