What else should I be doing to get hired?

Your portfolio can be used to showcase your skills as a communication student and professional to employers, graduate schools, and other professionals. As you begin looking for employment, you will want to encourage as many people as possible to visit your site.

Using social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is an another way to reach employers and other communication professionals. Many guides and resources exist to guide you through the social media world to enhance your online presence as a professional. Do not hesitate to use emerging genres to reach your audience—the more visitors to your portfolio, the greater probability you will connect with the right people.

Remember, you should update and revise your portfolio regularly, even after you land your dream job. As you expand your experience, update credentials, experience, and pieces to your WordPress portfolio. Updating your portfolio regularly communicates that you are conscientious about your professional reputation. Additionally, it illustrates your desire to improve and refine your skills. Choosing a blog component on your website may be another appropriate way to interact with the viewers of your portfolio.

Take time to review others’ portfolios online. Not only will you be able to generate ideas on how to revise your own, but you will begin to discover industry trends and best practices. Incorporating these elements show that you are familiar with your field.

Although the job market may be difficult to navigate, you are now armed with an additional tool to distinguish yourself from other job-seekers. Traditional tools such as resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills will be complimented by your electronic portfolio.

Remember your portfolio is an expression of your professional self. Be sure to put your best foot forward—you are now ready to begin the hunt!

Share your own tips and experiences of jobhunting with other readers by leaving a comment below.


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