Why should I create a portfolio?

You may have heard that the only thing worse than getting up to go to work is
getting up to look for work. You have probably also heard the doom-and-gloom reports on today’s job market. It is true that the face of today’s employment search is different from the one older generations have faced; the days of “Help Wanted” signs and classified ads are over. The market is changing, complex, and seemingly unforgiving. Today, more than ever, job seekers are challenged to find ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd. It is time to tap into your creativity in order to set yourself

Creating an electronic portfolio is one way to get an edge in today’s job market. In an
increasingly “online” world,  employers want to see what you can do, not just
read about it in your cover letter. An electronic portfolio allows employers to
quickly see your skills, education, and contact information with only a few
clicks. For this reason, colleges and universities nationwide have begun
implementing portfolio requirements as part of their undergraduate curriculum.
Administrators understand that recent college graduates must learn how to
market themselves online in order to begin their careers.

So, is having an electronic portfolio really that important? Think of your portfolio
as an advertisement: you are selling yourself just like TV commercials sell
cars, hamburgers, or clothing. You want potential employers to “buy” into you.
When making decisions about your portfolio, you should remember that you are
selling yourself as a professional.


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